The Playoffs – Canadian Style

2015 Playoffs - Canadian Style; cheer on your team and save on each purchase.

For the first time, in a pretty long time, 5 Canadian teams have made it to the NHL playoffs and Canada’s only basketball team has made it into the NBA playoffs. To celebrate this turn of events and the deserved sporting success of our professional teams, is offering up a special promotion. Here’s how […]

VoxxSols & My Bad Knee

VoxxSols Performance Insoles for improved performance and injury recovery.

I’m a HUGE advocate of Voxx Sports VoxxSols Performance Insoles; not just because we tested the product here at Performance Geek HQ, or because we sell these effective little bundles of orange joy and not just because we’re huge fans of Voxx Sports President Jay Dhaliwal, but because, as I’ve come to learn through painful […]

Onnit In Canada

Onnit Now Available Across Canada From

After what seems like an almost an eternity, a steady flow of products from Onnit are finally making their way into Canada. Now, many of you have already been buying Onnit in Canada from for about a year now, and some of you used to buy from us even before we re-launched as […]